Orion incorporates multi-modes of transportation to utilize the advantages of rail while recognizing the necessity of other shipping modes. Whether you’re a shipper, motor carrier, ocean carrier or any other type of intermediary, we can help you with a transportation solution. We ship goods from raw material to finished goods to refrigerated products and much more. We can haul your trailer, international container.

What we can help you achieve

Cost-efficiency | Reduced carbon footprint | U.S. Owned business | Pick-up & deliverability flexibility

Time Factor
  • Recommended for bulk, palletized and/or irregular shape cargo
  • Vetted partners
  • Real-Time visibility
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • The most time flexibility
  • Cargo Management
  • Focused on clients Mission
  • Maximize Supply Chain efficiencies
  • Tailored Operations
  • Utilize vetted network
Government, Military, Government Prime and/or Sub- Contractors, Retail, U.S. Owned Businesses
Intermodal shipping incorporates multiple modes of transportation to move goods, both domestically and internationally, through a mix of trains, trucks and ships
trains are used for the long-haul portion of the shipment
taking advantage of the efficiency of rail
trucks are used to deliver goods to the originating intermodal terminal
as well as the final destination “Final-Mile”
Identifying and utilizing the best modes of transportation for each portion of a freight move is essential for shippers looking to maximize supply chain efficiencies, secure access to capacity options and reduce transportation costs. Shippers moving full truckload freight 500 miles or more exclusively via truck are likely missing out on the capacity and cost-savings benefits of intermodal rail